When REHWA Society first began, the revival of authentic Maheshwari sari weaving was one of the main purposes. As the capacity of the organisation grew, we were able to employ more people, produce more fabric and delve into various design and product styles. Today, we make Maheshwari saris, dupattas, stoles, scarves, shawls and fabric, in both traditional and contemporary styles.

All of our efforts are drawn into ensuring the relevance of the Maheshwari handloom, for now and years to come. We work towards this by concentrating on factors like design, quality and sustainability.

A lot of effort goes into creating new design innovations to make us relevant in an urban market, but an equal amount of effort goes into creating designs that echo an aesthetic followed in the times of Ahilya Ma Saab.  She ensured the quality of fabric produced was impeccable- sourcing cotton from Egypt and Gold Thread from Lyon. We continue this tradition by locally sourcing very fine qualities of cotton, silk and wool for our products.

We also ensure the finest craftsmanship in all our products- every step of the process is analysed and the quality kept high to give the best products all our working hands can produce. Our weavers and staff devote their work to the organisation, and REHWA in turn has their well being and best interests at heart.  All the yarns and fabric that we dye are assuredly Azo-free and the water used in the process, is treated responsibly before being let out into the REHWA garden. We ensure that our products are skin friendly for our customers to wear, and harmless for our dyers to work with. Ours is an ecosystem of joyful employees that make cherished products for delighted customers.