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JULY 2, 2020

I wonder what saavan looks like in Maheshwar... Is a quaint sonata created when rain kisses the tranquil Narmada... perhaps, tittering maidens scoot for cover as the pitter patter transform into a thick sheet... They pull their colourful odhnis over their hair, their anklets and bangles match the rhythm of scampering feet...

The brown of temples picking moss as shards of water hit their sculpted surface... The heated stone turning pleasant... the air heavy with petrichor... the verdure around exquisitely lush...

The weavers crafting luscious Maheshwari sarees take a break from the clickety clack of looms... Gossamer drapes getting ready for the festive season. In vibrant hues, shimmering borders, gleaming zari and intricate details. A rustic folk tune the artisan hums as she weaves... Suddenly,
a love ballad wafts out from a mango orchard, Abke sajan saavan mein...

Oh! The images a saree can rustle up... A six-yard wonder that encapsulates within its lustrous folds heritage, workmanship and the wondrous tapestry of Maheshwar’s handweaving traditions. A drape that throws up innumerable styling possibilities. Presenting 3 for this silk by cotton REHWA striped beauty (woven by Kamal Thakur) with a lehar border. I can think of many more…


Here, I’d implore you to visit the label's website and check their Rehwa Credit programme, initiated to raise funds to bolster the livelihood of 100 Rehwa weavers and staff affected by the pandemic.

We must identify a bigger cause here. To be mesmerised by the weaver’s craft, the design, the dignity in their hoisting this rich tradition, the strength in their empowerment. As #vocalforlocal gains momentum, this is the workmanship we must support. These hands championing India’s superlative textile heritage.

You can sponsor a weaver by purchasing Rehwa credits (Link is in my bio), with which you can buy Maheshwari creations from the Rehwa website or at their next exhibition, with no expiration on the credit.

OR, Donate to Rehwa Weavers or Ahilya School. We wouldn’t want a deadly virus impeding the flight of gifted artists and their children, right?  


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